ACT Testing Dates for 2022-2023

If you decide to take the ACT as part of your college application process, there are some guidelines to follow about when to test to optimize your chances for success. ACT Test Date Regular Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline Late Fee Applies September 10, 2022 August 5, 2022 August 19, 2022 October 22, 2022 [...]


7 Very Good Reasons a College Should Seriously Consider Making the ACT and the SAT Optional.

In this article, we discuss the growing test-optional reasons. We talk about why the test-optional movement has so much momentum right now. We list the advantages to a school making the decision to drop the ACT and the SAT as requirements for admissions. Reason 1: Students hate completing the ACT and the SAT. You may [...]


4 Reasons Why a College Should Require Either the SAT or the ACT!

The test-optional movement is alive and well. On October 28, 2015, the New York Times published an article entitled “Test Optional Surge.” The article said the following: For those who argue that the SAT and ACT should be dropped as criteria for college admission, this has been an affirming year. Forty-seven colleges and universities have [...]

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