College List Review

Analysis of Current College List

The analysis of whether the colleges on your child’s current college list fall into any of the following categories is based on our professional experience: Lottery (under 5% chance of admission); Unlikely or Longshots (under 15% chance of admission), Reach/Stretch or Challenge (15–40% chance of admission); Possible (40–70% chance of admission), Probable (70–95% chance of admission) and Sure Bet (95–100% chance of admission).

This analysis is included in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans, but this can be done in a single session that will not include specific college recommendations. The School Match 4U college coach will take approximately 75 minutes to review your completed student/parent questionnaire, your child’s academic records, activities, and a teacher recommendation. Your School Match 4U college coach will then do the appropriate research on the schools on your child’s current college list. The family will be sent the student/parent questionnaire and a one-page teacher recommendation form to be completed prior to the research beginning. These documents are to help us understand your student and how teachers see them in the context of the classroom.

Your college coach will then have a 60-minute Zoom or phone call with either just the parent or with the student and the parent to let you know which categories your schools fall into. Sometimes it is not clear which selectivity bucket a school falls in, and when that occurs, a school may fall into two selectivity tiers. Some schools are so selective that almost every applicant will be in the Reach, Stretch, or Challenge bucket. The entire time for this evaluation and presentation is two and a half to three hours, so this specific service will be billed at a flat rate of $395.

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