Mark knows the “ins” and “outs” of the high school selection process, has a wealth of knowledge, and endless connections in the education field.
Darrie and Michele Nowell, Riverdale, GA

Have you heard the statement, “It is not what you know, but who you know”? There is a lot of truth to this when it comes to applying to an independent middle school, high school or college. A first rate educational consultant has an extensive network of admissions counselors who are excited about collaborating, because they know the consultant knows exactly what the counselor is looking for in a student. They also know that the educational consultant will only recommend someone about whom he or she is convinced is a great match for the school.

As a client, you benefit in the following ways:

  • You get access to the extensive network of relationships that have been established.
  • You get to stand on the credibility of a recommendation from a well-established educational consultant. In the same way that it helps when you are looking for a company position to be recommended by someone the decision maker respects, likewise, in many instances, it is very significant for a student to be recommended by an educational consultant who has built trust with admissions counselors for over a decade. This is particularly true for boarding school admissions where it is considered appropriate for the consultant to write an advocacy letter on behalf of the client, but for college admissions, it is an ethical breach for the college coach to engage in advocacy for their client. The college coach can have counselor calls with certain colleges who are open to this, and when the college respects the college coach, they know that they only recommend credible applicants. This reputation is built up over time. Mark strictly complies with the ethical expectations of the profession.
  • When you work with an excellent educational consultant, you get access to knowledge that you CANNOT get elsewhere. Admission representatives FREQUENTLY tell educational consultants information that they do NOT share with the public. It is this “insider” knowledge that is used to build your school list and to counsel you through the entire process.