When you’re ready, message Mark and let him know you would like a face-to-face interview. Most of the time, you will receive a response within 24 hours, so a complimentary 30-minute video or in-person meeting can be set up.

You should feel comfortable with the School Match 4U team’s personality, people skills, work ethic and expertise. It is very important for a good chemistry to exist between an educational consultant, the parents and the child.

You should also be completely clear about what School Match 4U does for your child. Zoom video, or face-to-face session, prevents misunderstandings that can easily occur if initial communication is in writing only.

During the session, School Match 4U will:

  • Listen attentively to your needs;
  • Answer your questions about School Match 4U services;
  • Elaborate on what is included in the Single Session, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages.

After the 30 minutes have passed, the family can end the session, commit to a particular package or continue on with the current session and pay an hourly fee. The earlier the School Match 4U process begins, the more options your child will have. Once you select a package and a payment option, the team will go to work right away, as passionate advocates for your child. If a family signs up for one of our packages, then there will be NO charge during this first session for any time beyond the complimentary 30 minutes, even if the session lasts for two hours.

School Match 4U is not for every family. High-achieving students who are doing well in school and those who are looking for more opportunities and a greater academic challenge are primarily good candidates for our services. If your child is floundering or struggling with behavioral problems or low grades in school, you will be better served by working with a consultant that specializes in assisting students who are not currently performing well in school.