Working with Mr. Stucker is one of the best decisions my mom and I have ever made. The college application process can be daunting but Mr. Stucker helped me through it and brought so many opportunities to my attention. This fall, I will be attending the University of Miami with a full tuition scholarship- an opportunity that I would not have pursued or received without the help of Mr. Stucker!
Chika Nwosu, Buford, Georgia
We all know that college admissions is a stressful and grueling process not only for high schoolers but for their parents as well. Mark was invaluable in bringing my father “down from the ledge” on multiple occasions. He helped us not only with the admissions process but he also helped us understand the realities of financing a college education. For that I will always be grateful. Mark guided us through opportunities that we didn’t know existed such as fly-in programs from some of my dream schools. My family and I will always be grateful for his advice and support.
Lauren Williams, Yale University
Mark Stucker is an engaging and passionate advocate for today’s boarding school and college bound student. You will find a true expert in Mark, who works relentlessly at educating and assisting you, as you advance your search and navigate the college and university admission process. During my college search I was fairly certain of the experience that I wanted, but selecting potential colleges proved more difficult. Mark, my high school advisor at the time, encouraged me to look into Davidson College in North Carolina. While I had considered the college before and found it appealing, I was not convinced that Davidson was the place for me. Putting trust in Mark’s extensive knowledge about colleges and universities, I decided that it was worth giving Davidson a second look. I applied early and four years later I am a proud Davidson College alumna. Mark was always willing to listen and to offer advice as I went through the college process; his compassion and dedication was unfailing and allowed an otherwise stressful process to be rewarding.
Anika Forest, Davidson College, NC

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Meeting Mark Stucker was truly a blessing. The first time I met him was in the elevator going upstairs for my entrance interview for the Albert G. Oliver Program. Little did I know that 3 years later he would be the reason I attended Westtown School. His hard work, dedication and influence pushed me to reach my potential as a scholar as well as a young man. As my advisor, Mark not only created an environment that built character but also maturity and life skills. It was here where I first began to understand the concepts of time management, scheduling and responsibility. From my entrance into high school to my acceptance to Franklin & Marshall College and still to this day Mark Stucker has been a friend, mentor and advisor.
Josh Harris, Franklin and Marshall College, PA
I worked with Mark at Westtown School (Westtown, PA) as a member of a student admissions and tour guide team. Mark was a great mentor and co-counselor during my college search! He formally and informally helped me consider aspects about my schools of interest that I hadn’t thought as being critical to ensuring my “perfect fit!” Through his altruistic approach and expert knowledge of academia, I found a school (George Washington University) that I not only enjoyed for my four years of Bachelor work, but I continued there to obtain my Master’s Degree!
Janean Wilson, George Washington University, DC
Mr. Stucker has guided me through the Independent School process and has kept in contact with me, supporting me in my college and even future career choices. I met him as the Director of Admissions at an independent school, and out of all of the independent schools that I had applied to, he was the only one that really got to a personal level, and got to know me very well. Today, not only am I grateful for his help over the past four years, but also for his support in my future endeavors.
Nahara Saballos, Haverford College, PA
During my time at Westtown, Mark Stucker was a great mentor and friend. From the first time we met, Mark was determined to get me into school and worked just as hard to make sure I was having the most positive experiences. The greatest things about Mark are his consistent welcoming nature, his genuine care for his students and his confidence in each student to do her/his best. Mark has remained a great friend throughout my college years at Muhlenberg College and continues to offer support as I make my journey toward a Master’s degree at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. It has been an honor and a blessing to have his support from the most difficult of times to the best of times. Thank you for everything Mark!
Tara Kalinisan, Muhlenberg College, PA
Mark Stucker shows that he is truly dedicated to his advisees. In high school, when no one was available to drive me to my first college interview, Mark Stucker used his personal time to drive me to and from the university I was interested in attending. Mark Stucker was always very friendly to my peers and me, and took time to talk to us and get to know all of us. When making a decision about which High School to attend, Mark Stucker made sure that my parents were well informed about the admissions process. He worked with my mother and I and assisted us in finding the best school that would help me grow and that would be an appropriate match for me, considering my interests and character. Once I had been admitted into my school of interest, Mark Stucker kept in contact with me to see how I was doing, and to give me advice whenever I needed it. In school, Mark Stucker always made an effort to connect with his advisees, and understand our experiences. My family went to Mark Stucker for information and advice because they felt that he was very interested in my well-being as a student.
Camila Chappelle, SUNY-Binghamton, NY
I have realized that it is almost impossible to know your potential unless you challenge yourself. This is particularly true in the college application process. While my high school did a great job of preparing me for college, it was constant encouragement from people like Mark Stucker that helped me realize I was equipped to succeed at one of the nation’s top institutions. Mr. Stucker is passionate about his role as an advisor. I benefited immensely from his dedication, network, and knowledge of the admissions process. He is a great resource for any student interested in reaching his/her academic and professional potential.
Cynthia Anyanwu, Georgetown University, DC
It didn’t take me long to realize that Mark Stucker was in my corner. When I met him in 8th grade while applying to Westtown School, it became clear that he was passionate about helping young people start down a successful path. Even when I got into Westtown, Mr. Stucker continued to support me, whether it was emotionally or academically, and when it came to researching colleges in junior year, I would never hesitate to speak with him about my search. Mark Stuckers’ job went far beyond Westtown’s admissions office: He was a teacher, a father figure, a mentor and an advocate for my education.
Mariah Williams, University of Richmond, VA
They say choosing a college is one of the most important decisions that you’ll ever make in life and it’s completely true. Wesleyan University sculpted me into a young man and helped me explore myself in greater depths. It provided me with a network of friends and business partners that I will be connected with forever. I must thank Mark Stucker for the four amazing years I had at college because he guided me there ever since my sophomore year of high school. He gave me tapes, brochures, and contacts to speak with at Wesleyan. He knew that I would be a great fit there and he was 100% correct, which I will always be grateful for.
Wes Moss, Wesleyan University, CT
Mark Stucker was a great mentor for me in my time leading up to being admitted to Westtown School as well as during my time there. He was always approachable and receptive to any questions or comments I had throughout the years. It was clear to me that he was dedicated to the students at Westtown, as he always took the time to personally know them and go above and beyond what was expected of his position. This personal commitment to the students at Westtown School carried over as we began looking at and applying to colleges. Having seen us grow and excel in our academic and extracurricular pursuits throughout the years, he was able to offer valuable advice and help in pointing us toward the right direction in our college search.
Cara Witt, New York University, NY
I was a homeschool student who lived in Zambia, Africa, for the last eleven years. Because of the distance, most of my interaction with Mr. Stucker was through Skype or email. Mr. Stucker’s careful guidance proved to be invaluable as we navigated the complexities of the college application process, scholarships, and the uncertainties of facilitating a gap year. From his insightful and patient answers to our every question to his sincere concern and passion for my college search, Mr. Stucker worked tirelessly to find the perfect university. And without Mr. Stucker’s encouragement to apply to the universities I truly wanted to attend, no matter the rank, I am sure I would not be attending my top choice, Northwestern University.
Troy Josiah Lewis, Northwestern University, IL
The whole college search experience in general is a challenging time for high school juniors and seniors. Luckily, I was blessed to have the advice, guidance and assistance from Mr. Stucker, which greatly eased the process. We would have frequent conversations about what I was looking for in a school and we would discuss the whole package: not only the academics, but also the resources the school had to offer, the environment and the overall “feel” that I had for the school. Also, because he has worked with Admissions, he knew from that perspective what an Admissions counselor would be looking for in an applicant. He is very passionate about the students he works with and the task at hand. He makes sure that every student he works with is happy at their institution and follows up with them even after they have matriculated.
Beverly O. Aiyanyor, University of Pennsylvania, PA
Teacher Mark is the greatest to ever walk this earth! He really knows the admissions process down to the tee. Mark was my high school advisor and continues to be a life mentor four years later. Not only was he my interviewer for Westtown but he was also my college counselor. He was super passionate about my needs and wants in a University and was determined to seek the perfect match. I truly appreciate him!
Natalie Perez, Vanderbilt University, TN
So I am graduating this fall and do have to say Yale was perfect for me. I have gotten to do things I never thought I would ever get to do…like go to 8 different countries while in my time here. Thanks a lot for your help in finding the right high school for me and thereby, the right path to college! I really appreciate your devotion to helping set me up for success! I am fully confident that you will help many others do the same in the future.
Angie Ramirez, Yale University, CT
On the same night that my Yale application was due, I called Mr. Stucker at around 10:30 p.m. asking for some advice. He set aside more than an hour of his own time, at an unsuspected and late hour, to make sure that I felt completely confident before submitting Yale’s supplement. That’s unheard of. Mr. Stucker’s commitment to students is incredible, and that, matched with his experience with the most prestigious universities in the country, is spectacular. The day that I got into Yale, I sent him a text message of gratitude because he helped me when he didn’t have to, and without his help, I don’t see how I could have presented myself the best in my college application process.
John Volquez, Yale University, CT
Mr. Stucker was extremely helpful in my search for the right college. Not only did he offer guidance, he also arranged for overnight visits and conversations with alumni that allowed me to make the most informed decision possible.
Selah Hampton, Princeton University, NJ