Mark’s reputation in the admissions world is unparalleled.
Yasmine Abdul-Mani, Former Program Manager for A Better Chance

Mark Stucker has 22 years of experience in admissions and college counseling, working with private day, boarding, and charter school students as well as private clients. Since 2009, he’s worked for KIPP Metro Atlanta, in high school and college placement. KIPP is the largest charter school network in the country. Mark Stucker founded School Match 4U in 2010 after KIPP South Fulton Academy parents began asking him to help students outside of the KIPP Metro Atlanta school system.

School Match 4U is headquartered in Metro Atlanta, but thanks to Skype and other technologies, we have worked with parents and students around the world.

The effort and persistence Mark took to not only get me and my daughter comfortable with boarding school, but also her Mom, can only be explained as nothing short of a miracle.
George S., New York, NY

There is so much angst about the admissions process for boarding schools and colleges; Mark wanted to demystify this for families. He also wanted to provide a comprehensive turnkey operation, whereby parents wouldn’t need to seek out multiple individuals to get the knowledge and skills needed for their children to gain access to selective schools.

Mark was very intentional about choosing the name School Match 4U. It is his passionate belief that “The BEST school is the one that brings out the BEST in your child.”