[Mark has] endless connections in the education field. Add to that […his] taking the time to learn your child’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, preferences and non-preferences, and Mark can customize and recommend very excellent choices with which the family can truly be happy.
Darrie and Michele Nowell, Riverdale, GA

Interview Session + Accurate School List Session + Strategy Session


Includes a one-time, complimentary 40-minute session to review expectations and ensure both parties are a match.

The Initial Session

  • A 40-minute initial consultation to answer any questions you have about my services. Here you will learn what process I use to build your child’s college list. It is also an opportunity to ask any general questions you have about college, about me or about my services.
  • Can be done in-person, by video conferencing, or by phone.
    Note: If you are in Metro Atlanta, a face-to-face consultation is strongly suggested for the first session. After this, you can choose whichever medium you prefer to use for subsequent sessions. Less than 10% of my clients live in Metro Atlanta and over 90% of the initial sessions are done by Zoom video. Zoom video is strongly recommended over phone.
  • It is essential that both the student and the guardian/parent(s) are present for this session as they are walked through all of the various ways in which I determine the best school match for the student.
  • I will administer and complete a 30-minute analysis of your answers to my, “What I want in a college survey” before our interview session.

Additional Services Included:

  • An examination of transcripts, grade reports, teacher comments, standardized testing, psychoeducational testing, attendance records, discipline reports, awards, activities, and interests for the last three years.
  • Follow-up emails, texts, a phone call or a Zoom meeting to derive additional information when needed.
  • 5+ hours of research scouring thousands of colleges to develop a minimum of 10 colleges that match both the academic qualifications of the student and the characteristics and qualities that the student and guardian/parent(s) are seeking in a college.

The Accurate School List Session

  • A 60-minute, highly-detailed presentation of the schools that are a match for your student and an explanation of why. This determination will be based on the student’s academic, behavioral, and extracurricular records, personal aspirations, interests, and the school culture and characteristics that they and their guardian/parent(s) are seeking in a college.
  • If applicable, the presentation will include why any colleges of interest were omitted from the recommended list.
  • Students and parents will be walked through a School Match 4U Report that will share the college list in at least two and sometimes in three different ways.
  • Students will receive instruction on how to do their own research and make changes from the initial list to give them ownership of and “buy-in” for the final college list. 

The Strategy Session

  • A 60-minute session to review the admission strategy—what the family needs to do to get admitted to the schools on the final list. This session allows ample time for questions from students and the guardian/parent(s) (i.e. college admissions application strategy, communication with colleges strategy, scholarships and affording college, etc.).
  • The family will receive a copy of my college admission reference book, 171 Answers to the Most-Asked College Admission Questions. This reference book will allow guardian/parent(s) and students to read the Table of Contents and go directly to the questions they have about the college process. 171answers.com

The Bronze Package is recommended for:

  • Families on a limited budget.
  • Families that need only moderate guidance to navigate the admissions process.
  • Families that understand the importance of applying to the right list of colleges and who find selecting the right list from almost 4500 US colleges to be a daunting task.
  • Families unsure of the value of a more comprehensive package, who want to “test the waters” before potentially making a larger investment.
  • Families who are at a high school where they have an outstanding college counselor who possesses specialized knowledge of how the college process works, so they can help with admissions strategy, application strategy and a scholarship strategy should this be of interest to the family.
  • Families that want to start the process earlier than their current school starts.

The Bronze Package is NOT recommended for:

  • Families who want to be able to call, text, or meet with me throughout the process when they have questions.
  • Families who want help with standardized testing, writing skills, interview skills, the admission application, résumés, admissions tactical strategies, or financial aid paperwork.
  • Families for whom paying for college is a significant concern. I know it sounds counterintuitive to say that families for whom money is a concern will benefit the most by selecting the Silver or Gold plan but there is considerable time in those plans available for creating a scholarship strategy and implemented it.
  • Students who are looking for help with their admissions essays, college-specific essays or scholarship essays.
  • Families that want help strengthening their child’s appeal to colleges in order to gain admittance to the schools they will apply to.

Note: These families will find that the Silver or Gold Packages are a better value for their needs.

COST:  $895-$995

$100 will be taken off the $995 price, bringing the cost to $895, if the $895 is paid all at once. If a family needs a payment plan, the details of the payment plan will be handled on an individual basis.


  • The package also allows the flexibility to add additional 60-minute sessions for $130.

Payment can be remitted using

  • Venmo, (@Mark Stucker is my ID or 404-664-4340), you will see my photo
  • The Cash App ($MarkStucker is my ID or 404-664-4340), you will see my photo
  • Zelle (mark@schoolmatch4u.com)
  • PayPal. For PayPal, use “Friends and Family” (use mark@schoolmatch4u.com to send money via PayPal) and NOT “Goods and Services” or PayPal will levy a 3.0% fee to me that I will pass on to you, but you will not incur this 3% fee if you select “Friends and Family”.
  • You can also use PayPal to pay via credit card, even if you do not have a PayPal account but a 3.0% fee will be charged to you because this is what PayPal charges me for credit cards and for times when “Goods and Services” and not “Friends and Family” are selected.