Mark’s warmth, compassion and integrity, coupled with his knowledge of the secondary school market, make him one of the most outstanding educational consultants in the country today.

I would hire him to work with my own children. Mark Stucker is the best!

Stan Mark Godoff, J.D., Compass Educational Consultants
Wellesley, Massachusetts
  • Many schools will pay for educational consultants to fly or travel to their school in order to convince them that they need to be referring their clients to that boarding school or college. This willingness on the part of schools to invest their time and money in building a relationship with quality educational consultants is proof of their value, and it really develops great connections. Members of the School Match 4U team have had their transportation, meal and lodging expenses covered by dozens of schools.
  • School Match 4U has established an excellent reputation from coast-to-coast because admissions representatives know the team houses a deep understanding of what sort of students they are looking for. More importantly, they know that School Match 4U will be gut-wrenchingly honest with them, and this is what really builds trust between an educational consultant and an admissions representative.
  • Admissions representatives seek out highly respected educational consultants and prioritize them in their travel plans. When School Match 4U President Mark Stucker was in admissions, he used to take note of who the most reputable educational consultants were. He would make sure he met personally with each, in order to encourage them to refer their clients to him and to the school where he worked. He used to set up lunch appointments whenever possible to get one-on-one face time with the consultants. Now admissions officers seek him out, and there are frequent requests from admission representatives to deepen relationships so that School Match 4U will refer more students to them.