It is impossible to overstate the impact that Mark Stucker of School Match 4U has had on my family. When I went to Princeton in 1982, over 20% of all applicants got into the Ivies and Stanford, and over 70% got into the University of Chicago. I was shocked to find out that today those percentages have dropped to as low as 5% for some of these schools! Also when we started our college process with Mark, my wife, daughter and I had no idea about the importance of rigor in High School courses, the importance of developing hooks in the college admission process, the appropriate use of test preparation to study for the SATs and ACTs, how to develop a balanced college list, or the importance of showing demonstrated interest for some colleges. With the help of Mark’s customized “one-on-one” counseling, his excellent book and his timely podcast, we were able to put our daughter on a path to success. We are so grateful as she heads off to Yale next fall. I believe Mark Stucker of School Match 4U offers the best college admissions package on the market today. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough for anybody interested in advancing their children to the right colleges for their future success.
David Williams MD MBA, Chicago, IL

Platinum Plan: “The WORKS”

  • We had a Platinum plan from 2010 until 2017, and we have brought it back.
  • This plan includes all of the services in the 21-month Gold plan (read those details carefully), but the same services in the 21-month Gold plan are extended for 24 months instead of 21 months.
  • This Platinum plan also provides two very valuable services that are not in the 21-month Gold plan. The plan includes 20 hours of one-one ACT or SAT tutoring or subject tutoring. Instead of you having to go find a test prep pro that you are not sure how good they are, we provide you with an outstanding ACT or SAT tutoring who will tutor your student through Zoom video. Sometimes the tutoring can be done in person, but please consult with us to discuss availability if in-person tutoring is important to you. The research shows a great tutor is very effective via Zoom, but we know in-person test prep is important for some families.
  • Grades are very important in the college process, and this plan includes subject tutoring in math, science, English, History, and foreign languages.
  • The subject tutors we hire do tutoring via Zoom
  • You get 24 months of college counseling and 20 months of test prep AND/OR tutoring. You also get 24 thirty minute sessions with an assistant who will help your student with organizational planning.
  • We have foreign language tutors for Spanish or French. We have math tutoring available up to BC Calc. We also have tutors who can prepare you for the AP exams, which can save you thousands of dollars in many instances when college credit is earned for strong performance on these AP exams.
  • We cannot guarantee a certain ACT, SAT, or AP exam score, but we only work with test prep pros and tutors with a proven track record.
  • You also get two 45-minute coaching sessions with Dr. Lisa Rouff. These sessions can focus on any mental impediments that are keeping your student from excelling at their peak performance. You can read more about Dr. Lisa Rouff’s bio here:

COST: $7,395–$7,995 for 12 months of service (select one of the following payment options):

  • $7,395 Option: Must be paid in full when signing up for the service. This option automatically saves you $500 for paying up front.
  • $3,695 Option: 50% ($1,847.50) must be paid before counseling services commence, and the balance ($1,847.50) must be paid within 60 days. This saves you $300.
  • $3,845 Option: A $1,345 deposit the first month and five successive payments of $500/month over a six-month period. The six payments are paid on the same day, one month after the $1,345 is received. Example: If the deposit of $1,345 was paid on Nov 1, payments of $500 would be made on December 1, January 1, February 1, March 1, and April 1. Postdated checks will be written for the same day of the month and mailed or sent by auto payment in advance for payment. This saves you $150.
  • $7,995 Option: Paid over ten months in equal payments of $799.50 per month. Postdated checks will be written for the same day of the month and mailed or sent by auto payment in advance for payment.
  • We have no preference which payment plan option you select. We have clients currently using all four of these payment options.
  • Payment can be made via Zelle, the Cash App, Venmo, PayPal Friends and Family, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, Money Order, Western Union, or Credit Card.

Note: The $7,395 option amounts to $291.25/month for a full year of School Match 4U services. If more than 12 months of consultation are needed, each additional month will be $290/month.

Payment can be remitted using any of the following:

  1. Venmo: Search for Mark Stucker, and you will see @Mark-Stucker, which is Mark’s Venmo ID. You will also see Mark’s photo. Just send Mark Stucker a friend request on Venmo, and he will accept it.
  2. The Cash App ($MarkStucker is Mark’s ID or 404-664-4340). You will see Mark’s photo.
  3. Zelle (
  4. PayPal. For PayPal, use “Friends and Family” (use to send money via PayPal) and NOT “Goods and services” or PayPal will levy a 3.0% fee on Mark that we will have to pass on to you. You will not incur this 3% fee if you select the “Friends and Family” option in PayPal.
  5. You can also use PayPal to pay via credit card, even if you do not have a PayPal account, but a 3.0% fee will be charged to you because this is what PayPal charges for credit cards, and it is also what they charge when “Goods and Services” and not “Friends and Family” is selected.
Working with Mr. Stucker is one of the best decisions my mom and I have ever made. The college application process can be daunting but Mr. Stucker helped me through it and brought so many opportunities to my attention. This fall, I will be attending the University of Miami with a full tuition scholarship- an opportunity that I would not have pursued or received without the help of Mr. Stucker!
Chika Nwosu, Buford, Georgia
Prior to meeting Mark, I had undergone a tough college search with my daughter. We were overwhelmed and spent hours researching and visiting college campuses – 22 to be exact! It was a frustrating process, and I was dreading repeating the process with my son three years later. I reached out to Mark, and was impressed with his depth of knowledge, his resources and relationships, and his obvious passion for the work he does with students. He expertly guided my son through everything from developing a strong college list to coaching him through essays, ACT tutoring and testing, college visits, and all aspects of preparing his college applications. Ultimately, my son was admitted to every college he applied to and received merit awards as well! I will forever be grateful to Mark for his professionalism, his belief in my son, and his sincere commitment to helping students bring their best to the search process. Mark did what I thought was the impossible – he made the college search process a pleasant experience. Thank you Mark!
Marian Roach, Marietta, Georgia