Mark Stucker is head and shoulders in a class by himself in the high school and college admissions profession. None knows high schools or colleges better. No one is more cognizant of the salient issues surrounding admissions and financial aid. No one is a more dedicated, tireless, and powerful advocate for the students and families he serves. Mark Stucker is the best of the best in this business, bar none. In a world where mediocrity rules the day, Mark Stucker charts a course of excellence every day, generally exceeding expectations. Do yourself and your family a favor by working with him. You won’t be disappointed.
John Hoffman, Founder
The Albert G. Oliver Program

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Today’s academic, economic, and family challenges can make preparation for high school and higher education a bit overwhelming. As a parent, K-12 school official, and university lecturer, I was delighted to learn about School Match 4U, Inc. This program identifies, matches, then places students in top notch high schools that “best suit” them. Founder Mark Stucker’s successful placement rate reveals the importance of School Match 4U, Inc.
Dr. Lisa Flagg, Georgia State University
I have been working with the independent school admissions community for 10 years. Mark is by far the most committed person I know when it comes to identifying what is best for a particular student. He forms a bond with families that is rooted in honesty and openness; two of the most important traits in any guidance position.
Andy Hoge, Director of Placement and Alumni Relations
New Jersey SEEDS
Mark Stucker is one of the most knowledgeable consultants I have met in my years as an educational consultant. The depth and breadth of his understanding of the secondary school community is without peer. Mark’s warmth, compassion and integrity, coupled with his knowledge of the secondary school market, make him one of the most outstanding educational consultants in the country today.

I would hire him to work with my own children. Mark Stucker is the best!

Stan Mark Godoff, J.D., Compass Educational Consultants
Wellesley, Massachusetts
Mark’s reputation in the admissions world is unparalleled with regard to knowledge and dedication. He is unique in that he is able to leverage a plethora of experiences including that of a seasoned admissions officer for a highly selective private school, a father of students who attend independent school and a record breaking placement officer for a public school.

What makes Mark special is that he enjoys assiduously studying education trends to ensure that he is always abreast, and often ahead, of paradigm shifts and market milestones. What makes him invaluable is the reach he has into the admissions offices of schools nationwide. When Mark makes a call he gets straight through to the admissions officers who know him personally as a well respected peer and trust his recommendations. In my role as a Program Manager of the oldest and only national independent placement organization in America (A Better Chance), Mark stood out to me as one of the most pleasant, professional and persistent admissions professionals in the business. If you are looking for someone who will actively listen, honestly counsel, wisely plan and tirelessly work to ensure that your child accesses the best educational resources available, then you need look no further…Mark Stucker is your guy!

Yasmine Abdul-Mani, Former Program Manager for A Better Chance