At School Match 4U (SM4U), we recognize that a successful college education should be available to all students, not just those at the top of their class. We are committed to helping students with a variety of academic profiles, learning differences, and mental health issues find their best fit college where they can truly succeed.

From 2011-2020 Mark provided all of the counseling for SM4U clients. Over time, it became evident that were students who had unique learning styles and/or mental or emotional challenges that would benefit from working with a college counselor who has the professional training and experience to uniquely understand their unique needs. After practicing as a licensed clinical psychologist for over 20 years, Dr. Lisa Rouff joined SM4U in 2020 and has worked with students from approximately 20 different states. In addition, she still maintains a clinical practice, keeping her clinical knowledge and skills up to date. As both a clinical psychologist and an independent educational consultant, Dr. Rouff is able to work with students with learning differences, and mental health issues in an informed and compassionate way. Her clinical skills, along with her knowledge of the complexities of the college application process, allow her to meet students where they are, and help them find the best opportunities for their future success.

Services we offer:

  • support for students with learning differences and mental health issues throughout the college application and selection process.
  • Tailoring the tasks and timeline of the college search process to each student to ensure success
  • Selecting schools for the student’s list which provide support in their areas of need in addition to being good academic, social, and financial fits
  • Helping families evaluate what schools offer in terms of support services in the context of their students
  • Assisting families in setting up continued treatment for their student at their new school.

Some of the Common learning differences that impact students are the following:

  1. Dyslexia
  2. Dysgraphia
  3. Dyscalculia
  4. Auditory processing disorder
  5. Language processing disorder
  6. Nonverbal learning disabilities
  7. Visual perceptual/visual motor deficit

In addition to these learning differences, students often have emotional and mental barriers that keep them from achieving their peak performance. The following are examples of some of these impediments

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Executive functioning issues
  3. Low self-esteem
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety)
  6. Performance/test taking anxiety

If you would like a complimentary consultation with Dr. Lisa Rouff, just send her an email at

This is a specialized service with Lisa Rouff, Ph.D. Cost: $150 per session or five sessions for $695

You can discuss the details with her in your initial conversation.

Complimentary consultations are appropriate if you want to discuss one of the SM4U packages, if you are interested in single sessions, you can book this directly with Lisa. Mark will handle all of the billing paperwork.