Working with Mark was hands down the best thing we did during our college admissions process. Our only regret was not working with Mark earlier in the process to help us prepare! His knowledge and insight was invaluable!
Amy Langewisch, Peoria, Illinois

The Bronze Package + Student Strength and Weakness Report + 11 Hours of Customized College Coaching

Includes ALL of the services included in The Bronze Package PLUS the following additional services:

  • One-page Student Strength and Weakness Report – a $240 value!
    • Utilizes a 100-point rating system that assesses your students the way selective colleges will.
    • Produces detailed, customized guidance to increase the chances that you are admitted to the colleges that you apply to.
  • Follow-up phone calls with me to discuss the Strength and Weakness Report.
  • All other questions that arise via text, email, or phone between sessions.
  • 11 hours of customized coaching for the price of 9 hours – a $240 savings!

As noted above, this plan allows the student and guardian/parent(s) to receive 11 hours of coaching in any of the following areas:

  • Administration and interpretation of my customized “What I want in a college” survey (Included)
  • In depth discovery interview designed to understand the optimal educational conditions students and parents/guardians are looking for in order to discern what college environment the student will thrive in (Included)
  • Recommendation and interpretation of a few different major tests for the student to confirm his/her interests (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Examination of all academic records, teaching recommendations, testing and activities for the student (Included)
  • Recommendation of at least twelve colleges initially that match the students’ academic profile and the interests of the student and the parent/guardian (Included)
  • Verbal communication and a thorough explanation explaining why the schools recommended were selected (Included)
  • Assistance in paring down these 12+ schools to a manageable level of schools that match what the student and parents/guardians are looking for (Included)
  • Delivery of verbal “A Strengths and Weakness analysis” to assess how the student will be viewed by admissions reps (Included)
  • Interview prep (one mock interview) with explicit interview feedback (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Strategic advice about how to utilize powerful questions to impress counselors with your intelligence (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Advice about what to include to showcase the students strengths in the written application and in any interviews (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Help in planning and developing an effective strategy for college visits (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Specific advice about what to do on any college visits, including post visit debriefing and consultation (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Strategic advice throughout the admission process; this advice can be done through phone calls, video conference sessions or text messages (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Strategic advice on how to utilize your school visits to create a maximum positive impact (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Consult with the student and parent/guardian to help everyone understand how the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP, IB or ACT scores will be perceived by the various colleges on the college list (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Communication with your test prep professional (if applicable) to see how the test scores are progressing. (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Advice about the best test prep strategy to ensure that you gets the highest test scores (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Assistance with which applications to use for which schools (Included)
  • Assistance with how to maximize your effectiveness in working with your school counselor (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Assistance with the Personal Statement, supplemental essays and short answer questions. Assistance involves brainstorming and idea generation, constructive criticism and proof reading, but in no way shape or form will I write the essays on Javier’s behalf. Multiple revisions are included. (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Discussions about specific schools that I recommended or didn’t recommend and how they line up with what you are looking for (Included)
  • Advice about how to be authentic while simultaneously making the best impression at college fairs, information sessions or other interactions with admissions professionals (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Advice about summer planning and activities. This includes opportunities on campuses as well as other opportunities. (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Verbal advocacy or written advocacy directly to college admissions counselors is considered inappropriate for a private college coach at most schools but I may recommend you connect with certain people at certain times who work for, or have attended various colleges of interest. (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Willingness to do a thorough review of all financial aid paperwork to ensure accuracy; this may involve the FAFSA, CSS PROFILE, IDOC or any institutional aid form requests. This also includes assistance with FAFSA verification. This will not apply if you are not applying for financial aid. (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Assistance with interpreting communication from colleges, including recruitment correspondence and interpretation of aid awards (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Assistance with getting the best financial aid offer. This involves developing a scholarship strategy and game plan should this be of interest to you. (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Advice about what steps should be taken after the enrollment contract has been submitted to ensure a smooth transition occurs when your child matriculates to the college he/she selects.
  • Openness to do research if you ask me a question about something that I do not know in my head. (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Advice about how to utilize college fairs to present your authentic self in the most favorable and winsome way (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Advice about how to confirm that the college you are considering is the right college major for you. (Optional, may use with 11 hours)
  • Authentic genuine and straightforward and honest communication at all times about all issues (Included)
  • The plan includes a review of your Personal Statement by my grammarian. The review will result in you receiving both a Proofed copy (with the recommended editorial changes) and a clean copy. This review is something families love and the time Margarita (grammarian) spends here does not count toward your 11 hours. However, it only includes one essay review where the Gold plan includes up to 20 different college-specific essays and/or scholarship essays.

Note:  The Silver Package provides 11 hours of college coaching for the price of 9 hours (a $240 savings). Add to that the 2 additional hours (or $240) that go into developing and communicating the Strengths and Weakness Report and this plan provides a total savings of $480 (compared with multiple one-on-one sessions of $120).

The Silver Package is recommended for:

  • Families that feels an in-depth interview, an accurate school list, an admission strategy session plus 11 hours of custom, individualized coaching and skill acquisition are sufficient to reach their goals.

The Silver Package is NOT recommended for:

  • Families with a student seeking significant assistance with admissions or scholarship essays at multiple schools
  • Families that want a plan where hours are not tracked and they can contact me anytime to request a meeting.
  • Families who are applying to selective schools that have a lot of college-specific essays. Multiple revisions of these college-specific essays can easily take over 12-15 hours and the cost of such revisions and feedback is NOT included in the Silver package. The Gold plan will save money for a family that wants a lot of work done on their college-specific essays.
  • Families that like to email and text a lot. Emails and texting takes a lot of time and while I have built four hours for emails and texting into this package, this is only 20 minutes a month over 12 months or 40 minutes a month over six months. It is very, very easy for a family to be able to want and need more texting and emailing than this plan allows for. This plan allows for emails and texting but after four hours the emails and texts will count toward the remaining seven hours of college coaching. The Gold plan will save money for a family that wants a lot of texting.

Note: If a family is looking for these services, they will find that the Gold Package is a better value for their needs.

How the 11 hours of college coaching works:

  • Four hours is built into the plan for emailing and texting. Should the texting or email get excessive (clearly exceeding the four hours) I will track them and it let you know that the time I take to reply to texts and emails is being applied to the remaining seven hours.
  • Seven hours of college coaching. These seven hours can be seven one-hour sessions, 14 thirty-minute sessions, 10 forty-five minutes sessions or any combination of both. Please use My to book all of the sessions. I will also use this to track the seven hours.
  • I will let you know when you have five hours remaining.
  • I will also let you know when you have two hours remaining
  • Should you need additional time, you can convert to the gold plan but you lose the discounts that are offered up front to gold clients.
  • You can also add individual hours at the $130 an hour rate.
  • No refunds will be issued if you do not use up your hours but they never expire and can be used at any time.

COST:  $1995-2195

  • $200 will be taken off the $2195 price, bringing the cost to $1995, if the $1995 is paid all at once.
  • This is a savings of over $400 compared to the person who is on the hourly plan.
  • If a family needs a payment plan, the details of the payment plan will be handled on an individual basis.

Payment can be remitted using

  • Venmo, (@Mark Stucker is my ID or 404-664-4340), you will see my photo
  • The Cash App ($MarkStucker is my ID or 404-664-4340), you will see my photo
  • Zelle (
  • PayPal. For PayPal, use “Friends and Family” (use to send money via PayPal) and NOT “Goods and Services” or PayPal will levy a 3.0% fee to me that I will pass on to you, but you will not incur this 3% fee if you select “Friends and Family”.
  • You can also use PayPal to pay via credit card, even if you do not have a PayPal account but a 3.0% fee will be charged to you because this is what PayPal charges me for credit cards and for times when “Goods and Services” and not “Friends and Family” are selected.