For anyone who is serious about their child’s educational development, we wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Mr. Stucker to assist with such a significant life decision. We are convinced your child will thank you later in life… not by what they say, but by the person they become.
Steve Langford, Atlanta, GA

You love your child, or you wouldn’t be considering hiring an educational consultant. It is your love for your child that makes you willing to pay for music lessons, summer camps, travel, recreational or travel sports and all kinds of enrichment. Why is the decision of the school your child attends one of the biggest decisions you will make for his or her entire life?

  • When you subtract sleeping time, Monday through Friday your child will spend MORE time at school than they will spend at home. School has a LIFE-ALTERING impact on each child; it sets him or her on a course for life. If you could no longer keep your child for some reason and you had to find a home for him or her to stay in, wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to get that decision right? You would be willing to invest time and money in the decision. School is truly your child’s second home.
  • As students approach the pre-teen years, their peers become increasingly important in forming their characters, their ambitions and their value systems. One thing that very few people realize is that when you are selecting a school, you are selecting a peer group for your child in a way that will impact life unimaginably.
  • You can never get the years back that a child spends in school. You can make money for the rest of your life, but you cannot have your 25 year old go back to when they were 13 and get a redo on which people influenced them to make them who they are as an adult.
  • Research points to the permanent impact teachers have on the life of a child. Great schools have great teachers, and there is no greater way to demonstrate your love for your child than by doing everything in your power to select the right school. Why not utilize the professionals who spend their lives finding the right school for teens and helping them get in that “match” school.
  • Countless people tell Mark Stucker that, if they got a chance to raise their children all over again, they would invest less money in their home, their vacations and their cars, and more in providing their children with a top flight education. Selecting a school for your child is one decision you cannot afford to get wrong.
  • With the emergence of China as a world power and with an ever increasing globalized and competitive world, the need for a top flight education, in order to be competitive in the job market, has never been more imperative.

As your educational consultants, School Match 4U reduces the anxiety and stress, and unlocks the mystery of the admissions process. The team regularly stays in communication, not only until your child is accepted and enrolled, but you will periodically receive calls to ensure a smooth transition into the new school.