Mark thank you for all your efforts and consultations. A walking wealth of information and resources you are. You have made this college application process from a parent’s perspective manageable. Your resource guide is my ‘Bible’. I keep it in the car for those car pool moments and your podcast is ‘on’ for those long distant rides with my college bound kid. Again, thank you and Anika for sharing your gifts that have turned into a blessing for me.
Amanita Thomas, Raleigh, NC

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Prior to meeting Mark, I had undergone a tough college search with my daughter. We were overwhelmed and spent hours researching and visiting college campuses – 22 to be exact! It was a frustrating process, and I was dreading repeating the process with my son three years later. I reached out to Mark, and was impressed with his depth of knowledge, his resources and relationships, and his obvious passion for the work he does with students. He expertly guided my son through everything from developing a strong college list to coaching him through essays, ACT tutoring and testing, college visits, and all aspects of preparing his college applications. Ultimately, my son was admitted to every college he applied to and received merit awards as well! I will forever be grateful to Mark for his professionalism, his belief in my son, and his sincere commitment to helping students bring their best to the search process. Mark did what I thought was the impossible – he made the college search process a pleasant experience. Thank you Mark!
Marian Roach, Marietta, Georgia
It is impossible to overstate the impact that Mark Stucker of School Match 4U has had on my family. When I went to Princeton in 1982, over 20% of all applicants got into the Ivies and Stanford, and over 70% got into the University of Chicago. I was shocked to find out that today those percentages have dropped to as low as 5% for some of these schools! Also when we started our college process with Mark, my wife, daughter and I had no idea about the importance of rigor in High School courses, the importance of developing hooks in the college admission process, the appropriate use of test preparation to study for the SATs and ACTs, how to develop a balanced college list, or the importance of showing demonstrated interest for some colleges. With the help of Mark’s customized “one-on-one” counseling, his excellent book and his timely podcast, we were able to put our daughter on a path to success. We are so grateful as she heads off to Yale next fall. I believe Mark Stucker of School Match 4U offers the best college admissions package on the market today. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough for anybody interested in advancing their children to the right colleges for their future success.
David Williams MD MBA, Chicago, IL
Can’t imagine the experience of finding a good school match for our daughter being any better than the one we had with Mark Stucker. Mr. Stucker was very highly recommended to us and he exceeded our expectations. His help, from beginning to end, from providing the initial list of recommended schools to encouraging tutoring to increase her math score. His guidance during the interview, visitation and financial aid processes, was invaluable. The incredible and detailed knowledge that Mr. Stucker has of numerous schools can only be acquired through years of experience and direct contact with administrators, students and parents. I really appreciate how he connected us with other families at the schools we were considering. He truly cares about the families he works with and is passionate about matching them with schools suited to their needs and desires. We are so glad we trusted him!
Cynthia Mitchell, Atlanta, GA
Thank you Mr. Stucker for being there from the very beginning! At first I was very hesitant about letting my daughter go away to boarding school, it’s just not something that I saw myself doing. From the very moment that Mr. Stucker met Kennedi he was sure that she would be a great candidate for boarding school but I could not imagine being away from my only child for 4 years for college, let alone high school. The thought of this became very overwhelming pretty quickly. Mr. Stucker started the process with me early to ease me in with first a school visit that was only a little over an hour away, then to other local schools. He provided different resources for me to do my own research about the out of state boarding schools as well as provide me with all of his inside knowledge. His presence was felt throughout the entire process, from putting us in touch with great tutors for the SSAT Prep and Testing, Financial Aid, setting up school visits as well as the interview process. He allowed Kennedi to meet with several recruiters her 7th grade year so that she would be comfortable about the process when the time came for 8th grade interviews, which really helped her confidence.

Mr. Stucker was able to help us narrow down the school choices not only academically but also with what would be a perfect match based on who Kennedi is as an individual (personality, likes, dislikes, strengths, character, etc). The process became less overwhelming and more exciting with Mr. Stucker’s guidance, he provided great feedback and was completely honest throughout the entire process which allowed me to feel comfortable enough to let my guard down. He played a great part in making sure that we visited the top three schools where she was accepted and the advice that he gave and questions that he prepared us to ask made the visits well worth it.

He is a firm believer that it’s important to match your child with the school that is right for them and in order to make such an important and life changing decision you must be there to take in the experience. By the time my husband and I completed our three visits we were pro boarding school for our child and were able to make what we believe was the best choice for her. This experience has been life changing for both Kennedi and us. She continues to amaze us by her growth and maturity, academically and socially. I am so grateful that Mr. Stucker took the time to nurture our relationship in order to make sure that our child received the best education for her. It has been to this day one of the best decisions that we could have made as a family for her and we have Mr. Stucker to thank for that!

L. Forbes , Atlanta, GA
“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Meister Eckhart.

Four years ago, Mr. Stucker and I had a conversation that I now know would change my children’s future. I can remember going into his office to talk about which high school Alexia would be attending. Mr. Stucker told me that my daughter, Lexi, would be a great candidate for boarding school. I can remember leaving his office thinking he was completely out of his mind. But today, a thank you could not be enough.

Alexia was sought after by some of the top boarding schools in the country and accepted an offer from one of the most exceptional and most selective schools in the country. I am so pleased that Mr. Stucker encouraged us to research the boarding school option.
One thing that impressed both Alexia and I was that we could always reach out to Mr. Stucker and he always provided his undivided attention. No question was too small. Thank you is never enough. He was always fair, never pushed one school over the other. I appreciate his integrity and moreover, his actions continuously displayed his faith in Christ.

Again, I cannot say how grateful my daughters and I are for the work that Mark Stucker has invested in my daughters’ future. Thank you Mr. Stucker and may God bless you.

Vivienne Baker, Atlanta, GA
I have had the good fortune to work with Mark Stucker twice! I have two daughters, both of whom decided to pursue boarding school for their high school years. If your child’s desire is to pursue this same option for high school, I could not more highly recommend Mr. Stucker. The most valuable part of working with him has been – his consultative approach, his true desire to find a fit that works for your child and his level of influence in the industry.

The consultative approach began with a one-on-one conversation with me, and another with my daughters (individually during the respective years they were considering schools) to determine just how serious we each were about this process. He provided perspective on the things we would have to do and what boarding school offered in general. He then provided us some paperwork to fill out that helped us to consider all the various types of boarding schools available. Answering the questions tremendously helped my daughters to focus on what they were looking for in a boarding experience.

Because Mr. Stucker has a true desire to find the best fit that works for YOUR child, he thoroughly reviews the data submitted and is able to provide a list of schools that best fit your child’s needs from size, location, academics and artistic pursuits to financial needs. As he begins work with his vast number of contacts, he helps to get your child interviews with schools that are the right “school match for you.”

Mr. Stucker is well-known and respected in the industry. Because boarding school admission officers know that Mr. Stucker will do the work to help vet the right type candidates for their particular schools, your child benefits in the school knowing that Mr. Stucker helped secure the interview. No one person can ever guarantee your child is admitted to the school of their choice – but having Mr. Stucker in your corner definitely helps! It is with great pride that I recommend him as an educational consultant for you and your child!

Michele Petties, Atlanta, GA
I met Mark Stucker at a very interesting time in early Spring of 2014 as my daughter’s Mom and I were at a crossroads with respect to where our daughter, Jessica, would attend high school. I reached out to Mark at the suggestion of a long term mentor only to get his perspective on local high schools in the Atlanta Area. At the onset of our conversation Mark was focused on the boarding school concept which I could not wrap my head around as my goal in the interaction was to find a local high school that would be a calming peaceful place for Jessica to attend.

Mark gave me reassurance that he understood my position, but he continued in his quest to get us comfortable with the boarding school concept. The effort and persistence Mark took to not only get me and my daughter comfortable with boarding school, but also her Mom, can only be explained as nothing short of a miracle. The more we came at him with all the reasons why boarding school was not a good idea, the more he stood his ground and was determined to get us through the process. This made it even more challenging for Mark because he was the only one who could see the benefits boarding school would provide. After conducting thorough due diligence on Jessica with the questionnaire and interview, Mark knew with without hesitation that Westtown School in West Chester, PA was the place for her. He expanded our minds to the boarding school concept and during the process knew he had to be very focused on a limited number of options to not overwhelm us. I cannot begin to express the sincere gratitude from Mark’s effort and he has convinced us all that boarding school is the way to go for so many reasons. He connected us with a broader support system at the school including existing and new families which made the transition such a smooth process.

As of today, Jessica is a thriving sophomore at Westtown School where she has achieved academic distinction since she began her high school matriculation as a freshman. Jessica has matured so much since she started at Westtown. I am indebted to Mark for life and I am thankful for all he has done for us which has changed our lives forever.

George S., New York, NY
I met Mark Stucker in the Spring of 2004; a time in the life of my son, Mauricio, and I that was very important since we were making critical decisions regarding my son’s education. He decided to be the first one in my family to go away to a boarding school for high school years. That alone was a culture shock for all of us, after all Mauricio was just 14 years old. It was not an easy decision since Mauricio had 3 schools to choose from. All was changed the second we met Mark. His dedication to explain the boarding school enrollment process; his commitment to make sure that the minority students coming to the school were getting the best financial aid package they could get; his patience to answer all the questions we had and his warmth (have you seen Mark’s smile) to make us feel at ease were vital factors for us to make our final decision. The day ended even better when in the night time we got a call from Mark just to make sure we got home safe. That is Mark Stucker, a man committed to offering the best resources available to guarantee the best education for our children. Thank you, Mark!!!
Fathima P. Torres, New York, NY
When one finds themselves in the presence of an exceptional talent, it becomes clear rather quickly that the performance of others who engage in similar activities would simply be difficult to measure up. This view then becomes further validated when others who have likewise experienced this talent convey identical conclusions. This has been our encounter with Mark Stucker.

We have had a rewarding and life changing experience in working with Mr. Stucker. Not only has it been one of great satisfaction, but countless other families we have had the opportunity to speak with have also shared similar views regarding their experiences in working with him. Having worked closely with Mr. Stucker with not only one child but two with high school placement, we had the privilege of witnessing the exceptional service and consistent quality of work that he seamlessly delivers. The consideration and attention to detail he provides in aiding students with identifying and getting into the “right” school is nothing short of amazing. The level of time and effort he invests in helping families recognize educational opportunities they never knew existed is unlike anything we have ever seen. What is also notable is that he appears to derive such an immense gratification in working with families that he gives the illusion of not working, but merely having fun.

Through our time in working with Mr. Stucker, we were extremely encouraged to learn that he was not only a hard worker who earned the trust and admiration of many families, but that he was highly respected and esteemed as a professional by his peers in the industry. In fact, when speaking with other industry professionals, they often refer to Mr. Stucker by way of his uncompromising performance, his work ethic, and that he possesses the highest level of integrity.

For anyone who is serious about their child’s educational development, we wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Mr. Stucker to assist with such a significant life decision. We are convinced your child will thank you later in life… not by what they say, but by the person they become.

Steve Langford, Atlanta, GA
WOW!… Thank you Mr. Stucker for all of the wonderful work and time you put into making this process one well worth it. Without the help from Mr. Stucker we would have been clueless of where to start and end this journey, and believe me we tried before we met him! He assisted with the financial aspect, SSAT preparation and testing, trips to visit schools both local and away, which made us very comfortable in the process of letting our child attend a boarding school and setting up interviews. Not only did our daughter, Montana, get all of her interviews with the schools we chose, she got accepted into 8 out of 10. With Mr. Stuckers’ help and guidance, we and Montana were able to pick the school that was the right fit for her. Proud to say that she will be attending school in Alexandria, VA.

We HIGHLY recommend Mr. Stucker and the services of School Match 4U!!!!

Bridgit and William Crider, Atlanta, GA
If you are interested in a quality education that includes social connections with a family feel, then I suggest School Match 4U. Do understand that you need to do your homework and be open to suggestions and sometimes constructive criticism. You will be happy with the end results.
P. Ervwin, Atlanta, GA
It was truly a blessing from the Lord to work with Mark Stucker when we were searching for the best fit in a high school for our son. He made us understand that there was no one perfect school, but schools that would be perfect for our scholar. Mark knows the “ins” and “outs” of the high school selection process, has a wealth of knowledge, and endless connections in the education field. Add to that equation, taking the time to learn your child’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, preferences and non-preferences, and Mark can customize and recommend very excellent choices with which the family can truly be happy. We certainly don’t feel like we would have been as blessed in our son’s high school placement as we have been! We can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for our son!
Darrie and Michele Nowell, Riverdale, GA
Not only did our daughter, Montana, get all of her interviews with the schools we chose, she got accepted into 8 out of 10. With Mr. Stucker’s help and guidance, we and Montana were able to pick the school that was the right fit for her.
Bridgit and William Crider, Atlanta, GA