Committed to offering the best resources available to guarantee the best education for our children. Thank you, Mark!
Fathima P. Torres, New York, NY

Mission Statement

Our mission is to positively influence the life of each child by finding a great match for their education and to assist families in getting their child enrolled in that match.

Our Approach

We develop comprehensive and customized educational products that help enroll your child in the school that’s right for them. This includes a full-service consulting package that pinpoints your child’s strengths and weaknesses in order to help you find the right match. The ultimate goal is to have your child get accepted, in an affordable way, to the school that will positively impact the rest of your child’s life. Our slogan is “The BEST school is the one that brings out the BEST in your child.


It is rare to find an educational consultant with the expertise and personal experience in selective school admissions that Founder Mark Stucker has. He brings seven years of experience as an Associate Director of Admissions to the plate, to help families understand how schools make admissions decisions and what it takes for parents to unlock the mystery and gain access to the right school for their child.

For five of these seven years in an admissions department, Mark was the Chair of the Admissions committee. In this role, he developed an admissions rating system, formed policy, read hundreds of admissions applications, selected committee members and delivered final decisions. He later worked for seven years as a college counseling associate with Susan Tree, one of the most respected college counselors in the nation.

Since 2010, Mark has taken over 80 students through the boarding school process. In 100% of these instances, he has found an exciting school for these families at an affordable price. Mark is the only consultant that specializes in boarding school placement and makes it clear during the initial consultation whether he can place a child, or not.