About School Match 4U

School Match 4U, Inc., has assembled an entire team of some of the most dedicated and talented professionals who do placement services for children seeking to attend college preparatory boarding schools and colleges. They work with mainstream boarding schools from coast to coast, and colleges in all 50 states.

All of the consultants that partner with School Match 4U, approach consulting as passionate educators and advocates. Our consultants not only find the right school match for your child, they work assiduously to help students get accepted.

It is common for as many as four different professionals to collaborate with clients on an application, each having been carefully selected in their area of expertise. In addition to their personal contributions to the application process, they frequently consult with others in the field, coast-to-coast, in order to provide you with everything needed to gain admission for your child.

In fact, our team specializes in strengthening your child’s chances of getting accepted with an affordable offer, working with you to identify a school match and focusing in like hawks to get your child accepted.

While group sessions have their place, one-on-one, comprehensive consulting is the School Match 4U preference. There is hourly-based pricing, if you just need a few hours of consulting, but packages are strongly recommended as they are almost always in your best interest from a financial standpoint.
Whatever amount of time is necessary will be spent to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your child. You should never feel as if you are on the clock, and you may call as often as necessary to in order to receive the services that are offered in the package you select.