It is impossible to overstate the impact that Mark Stucker of School Match 4U has had on my family. When I went to Princeton in 1982, over 20% of all applicants got into the Ivies and Stanford, and over 70% got into the University of Chicago. I was shocked to find out that today those percentages have dropped to as low as 5% for some of these schools! Also when we started our college process with Mark, my wife, daughter and I had no idea about the importance of rigor in High School courses, the importance of developing hooks in the college admission process, the appropriate use of test preparation to study for the SATs and ACTs, how to develop a balanced college list, or the importance of showing demonstrated interest for some colleges. With the help of Mark’s customized “one-on-one” counseling, his excellent book and his timely podcast, we were able to put our daughter on a path to success. We are so grateful as she heads off to Yale next fall. I believe Mark Stucker of School Match 4U offers the best college admissions package on the market today. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough for anybody interested in advancing their children to the right colleges for their future success.
David Williams MD MBA, Chicago, IL

12 Months of “The Works”

Includes ALL of the services

  • Administration and interpretation of my customized “What I want in a college” survey (Included)
  • In depth discovery interview designed to understand the optimal educational conditions students and parents/guardians are looking for in order to discern what college environment the student will thrive in (Included)
  • Recommendation and interpretation of a few different major tests for the student to confirm his/her interests (Included)
  • Examination of all academic records, teaching recommendations, testing and activities for the student (Included)
  • Recommendation of at least twelve colleges initially that match the students’ academic profile and the interests of the student and the parent/guardian (Included)
  • Verbal communication and a thorough explanation explaining why the schools recommended were selected (Included)
  • Assistance in paring down these 12+ schools to a manageable level of schools that match what the student and parents/guardians are looking for (Included)
  • Delivery of verbal “A Strengths and Weakness analysis” to assess how the student will be viewed by admissions reps (Included)
  • Interview prep (one mock interview) with explicit interview feedback (Included)
  • Strategic advice about how to utilize powerful questions to impress counselors with your intelligence (Included)
  • Advice about what to include to showcase the students strengths in the written application and in any interviews (Included)
  • Help in planning and developing an effective strategy for college visits (Included)
  • Specific advice about what to do on any college visits, including post visit debriefing and consultation (Included)
  • Strategic advice throughout the admission process; this advice can be done through phone calls, video conference sessions or text messages (Included)
  • Strategic advice on how to utilize your school visits to create a maximum positive impact (Included)
  • Consult with the student and parent/guardian to help everyone understand how the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP, IB or ACT scores will be perceived by the various colleges on the college list (Included)
  • Communication with your test prep professional (if applicable) to see how the test scores are progressing. (Included)
  • Advice about the best test prep strategy to ensure that you gets the highest test scores (Included)
  • Assistance with which applications to use for which schools (Included)
  • Assistance with how to maximize your effectiveness in working with your school counselor (Included)
  • Assistance with the Personal Statement, supplemental essays and short answer questions. Assistance involves brainstorming and idea generation, constructive criticism and proof reading, but in no way shape or form will I write the essays on Javier’s behalf. Multiple revisions are included. (Included)
  • Discussions about specific schools that I recommended or didn’t recommend and how they line up with what you are looking for (Included)
  • Advice about how to be authentic while simultaneously making the best impression at college fairs, information sessions or other interactions with admissions professionals (Included)
  • Advice about summer planning and activities. This includes opportunities on campuses as well as other opportunities. (Included)
  • Verbal advocacy or written advocacy directly to college admissions counselors is considered inappropriate for a private college coach at most schools but I may recommend you connect with certain people at certain times who work for, or have attended various colleges of interest. (Included)
  • Willingness to do a thorough review of all financial aid paperwork to ensure accuracy; this may involve the FAFSA, CSS PROFILE, IDOC or any institutional aid form requests. This also includes assistance with FAFSA verification. This will not apply if you are not applying for financial aid. (Included)
  • Assistance with interpreting communication from colleges, including recruitment correspondence and interpretation of aid awards (Included)
  • Unlimited calls, texts and emails for advice anytime (after 5 pm on weekdays for meetings, anytime on Saturday and after 11 am on Sunday) I put this in bold because this has been invaluable for other clients. Unlimited texts 7 days a week from 7 am to 11 pm (Included) This is something that Gold plan clients love and it is the only plan that includes this.
  • Multiple revisions of up to 20 college-specific essays and/or scholarship essays by both me and my grammarian. This is something that Gold plan clients love and it is the only plan that includes this. If you are looking at selective schools, these college-specific essays and questions are extremely important in their evaluation. Paying for this a la carte would be over $1500.
  • Assistance with getting the best financial aid offer. This involves developing a scholarship strategy and game plan should this be of interest to you. (Included)
  • Advice about what steps should be taken after the enrollment contract has been submitted to ensure a smooth transition occurs when your child matriculates to the college he/she selects.
  • Openness to do research if you ask me a question about something that I do not know in my head. (Included)
  • Advice about how to utilize college fairs to present your authentic self in the most favorable and winsome way (Included)
  • Advice about how to confirm that the college you are considering is the right college major for you. (Included)
  • Authentic genuine and straightforward and honest communication at all times about all issues (Included)

The Gold Package is recommended for:

  • Families that wants a minimum of four hours a month of assistance with calls, emails, essays, scholarships, or any other component of the process.
  • Families that want to be able to send a lot of emails and texts to get prompt answers to quick questions without having caps put on this type of communication.
  • Families that are applying to selective schools where they require a lot of college-specific essays and short answer questions because those essays and questions require hours and hours of work and multiple revisions of drafts of those essays will be provided by me and my grammarian. This is a big money saver for the client to not have to pay for this a la carte.
  • In order to prevent the freedom of this plan being abused, four hours a month is the maximum number of monthly hours for meetings with this plan. This could be eight sessions if they were 30 minute sessions and this does not include texting or emails. Unused hours do not roll over to the next month, as each month starts afresh, but this is a substantial savings compared to the hourly rate or the hourly rate in the Bronze or Silver plan.

COST: $3295 – $3895 for 12 months of service (select one of the following payment options):

  • $3295 Option: Must be paid in full when signing up for the service.
  • $3495 Option: 50% must be paid before consultation begins and the balance within 60 days.
  • $3695 Option: A $1195 deposit the first month and five successive payments of $500/month over a 6-month period.
  • $3895 Option: Paid over ten months in equal payments of $389.50 per month. Post-dated checks will be written for the same day of the month and given in advance for payment.
  • Payment can be made via Zelle, the Cash App, Venmo, PayPal Friends and Family, Cash, Personal Check, Money Order, Western Union or Credit Card.
  • A 3% surchange will be added if payment is made by credit card, or if PayPal is selected and PayPal levies the 3% change on you. This 3% is what PayPal charges me.

Note: The $3495 option amounts to $291.25/month for a full year of School Match 4U services. If more than 12 months of consultation are needed, each additional month will be $291.25/month.

Working with Mr. Stucker is one of the best decisions my mom and I have ever made. The college application process can be daunting but Mr. Stucker helped me through it and brought so many opportunities to my attention. This fall, I will be attending the University of Miami with a full tuition scholarship- an opportunity that I would not have pursued or received without the help of Mr. Stucker!
Chika Nwosu, Buford, Georgia
Prior to meeting Mark, I had undergone a tough college search with my daughter. We were overwhelmed and spent hours researching and visiting college campuses – 22 to be exact! It was a frustrating process, and I was dreading repeating the process with my son three years later. I reached out to Mark, and was impressed with his depth of knowledge, his resources and relationships, and his obvious passion for the work he does with students. He expertly guided my son through everything from developing a strong college list to coaching him through essays, ACT tutoring and testing, college visits, and all aspects of preparing his college applications. Ultimately, my son was admitted to every college he applied to and received merit awards as well! I will forever be grateful to Mark for his professionalism, his belief in my son, and his sincere commitment to helping students bring their best to the search process. Mark did what I thought was the impossible – he made the college search process a pleasant experience. Thank you Mark!
Marian Roach, Marietta, Georgia