Why students who transfer usually take longer to graduate

Sometimes, transferring is a prudent decision, but students often don’t realize until they arrive at their new college that a lot of their credits don’t transfer. How can you avoid this dilemma happening to you or someone you care about? Transferring is extremely common, and often it makes sense. I recommended transferring to four or [...]


Your college major doesn’t matter as much as most people think it does

Parents and students are often surprised to find out that a college major is not as important as they think it is when it comes to getting a desired job. This article debunks this myth with evidence and it also points out just what it is that employers are looking for when they hire [...]


$100,000 job with a BA only, and no stem degree is required

There has been a lot of criticism about college recently, in part due to the sky-rocketing costs of tuition. However, something even more worrisome than this is the thought that a student might spend all this money, along with four, five, maybe even six years of his or her life, only to graduate and [...]

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