Reasons why students start college but then drop out

I am fascinated with why some students graduate from college and others do not. I know that so many times it boils down to the family support, or lack of family support, a student has. Students who are mentored by college graduates never even consider the fact that they won’t graduate. This produces an aura [...]


Don’t make this $400,000 mistake one of my clients made

I don’t want you to think I put my clients’ business on the street. My client is very thoughtful and considerate, so when I asked her if I could share what happened, she urged me, “Please do.” She said, “I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else.” It was Tuesday, and [...]


A secret admissions tip that less than 1 in 100 people know about

Students and parents know that test scores, grades, course rigor, teacher recommendations, and essays are factors that colleges use to determine which students they will accept, wait list, or deny. A smaller group of student and parents know that colleges use demonstrated interest, aka DI, another criterion they factor in to who they admit. Demonstrated [...]


Why Flagship colleges have so few black and Latino students

Every state has at least one, and sometimes two, flagship colleges. In Michigan, you have Michigan and Michigan State; in Georgia, you have UGA and Georgia Tech. Most states, however, have only one flagship like LSU (Louisiana), the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and the Ohio State University. There is no official definition of a flagship [...]


$100,000 job with a BA only, and no stem degree is required

There has been a lot of criticism about college recently, in part due to the sky-rocketing costs of tuition. However, something even more worrisome than this is the thought that a student might spend all this money, along with four, five, maybe even six years of his or her life, only to graduate and [...]

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