I am thankful for his guidance in SSAT preparation, building my list of schools, and the school application process. I am attending Woodberry Forrest School in Virginia and have more opportunities to be successful in life than I could have ever imagined!
Christopher Jalen Madden, Woodberry Forrest School

Test Prep Plus

Includes ALL of the services included in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages, in addition to the services listed below.

  • Families select one of several options when it comes to the test prep portion of the preparation process.
  • School Match 4U employs a cadre of test preparation experts in Atlanta, many of whom work with students all over the country, through the use of videoconferencing technology. Part of what is done with the Platinum Package is that a test prep tutor is chosen who best matches your child’s personality, interests, learning style and location.
  • Customized test preparation is included. This may be group test prep, individual test prep or some combination of individual and group test prep.

The cost of the Platinum Package varies depending on how many hours of test preparation are needed, whether it is conducted individually or in a group, and which test prep affiliate instructor is selected. What will be recommended will be what is in your best interest and also within your budget.