Have It Your Way

This package involves the client selecting from the individual services listed below to customize a package that the client feels will best help their child to achieve their goals while staying within the client’s budget. The prices for these services will be shared in our consultation session. This package does not contain the bundled pricing that the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages contain, so it will be more expensive if the client intends to utilize a number of the services listed. It does allow the client to focus on selecting the exact services needed. This package is best suited for someone who feels that many of the services listed in the standard packages will not be needed by their child.

  • Detailed discussion about one particular school that you have an interest in. This can be done through a question/answer format or an overview can be given of the strengths and weaknesses of a school.
  • Accompany clients on visits to a school, go on the school tour with the family, then meet to debrief and give the family feedback.
  • Administration of SSAT Practice Test.
  • Administration of an actual SSAT flex test. This test can be submitted to schools. It is a real SSAT test that is offered at an alternative time and location to the standard tests.
  • Additional hours of one-on-one ACT, SAT or SSAT test prep, the focus being on strategy and not long-term skill acquisition. This is most effective if the results from the practice is on hand. It is also very helpful if Mark has reviewed the results of an actual SSAT test.
  • Mock interviews with detailed, written scores and evaluations of interview strengths and weaknesses.
  • Interview coaching session.
  • Preparation of financial aid paperwork.
  • Consultation sessions on how to get the best financial aid package.
  • Assisting with financial aid strategy and aid re-evaluation on behalf of clients.
  • Design an activities-based resume.
  • Design a customized action plan with timelines, and periodically check to make sure deadlines are being adhered to.
  • Advice about what to include in each high school or college application.
  • Proofreading and detailed feedback about the entire application and the application essays.
  • Specific advice about what to do on each school visit.
  • Customized written letters of recommendation that are tailored to each school and that serve as advocacy letters for admission.
  • Advocacy phone calls to key contacts at the boarding school –individuals that are in positions of influence.
  • Customized curriculum planning to increase your child’s chances of having the transcript that colleges are looking for.
  • *Add-on for one of the standard Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Packages, only: Subject tutoring
His help from beginning to end, from providing the initial list of recommended schools to encouraging tutoring to increase her math score on the SSAT, to his guidance during the interview, visitation and financial aid processes, was invaluable.
Cynthia Mitchell, Atlanta, GA