We do comprehensive and full service college prep boarding school and undergraduate college consultation. We work with traditional boarding schools, but our expertise is not with emotional growth or therapeutic boarding schools. We can make a referral for families who are in need of a consultant with expertise in these schools. There are some excellent consultants who specialize in these areas, and we would be happy to give you a few names of consultants with expertise in these areas. Some of the other types of options we can refer; although, they are not our areas of expertise include: wilderness therapy, residential treatment programs, gap years, addiction and recovery programs, transitional independent living programs and young adult transition programs.

School Match 4U, Inc., provides a turnkey operation that includes: test preparation, assistance with accessing grants and scholarships and many other services that clients often have to seek out additional help with in order to gain the expertise that they need. We offer comprehensive consultation for high school and undergraduate college placement.