Mr. Stucker was referred to me by a mutual friend. I was told he definitely could make the boarding school process an easy and less stressful situation to deal with. Mr. Stucker literally was there throughout the entire process making sure I was on point with deadlines and communicating with prospective schools. I always felt like he was giving my mother and I his undivided attention to make sure we got into the right school. Mr. Stucker is nothing less than a man who strives for not just the success of his business but also the success of your child.
Chapelle Johnson, Brooks School, MA
Mr. Stucker was immensely advantageous when it came to helping me pick out the perfect high school for me. I am extremely appreciative to have been able to have Mr. Stucker right by my side throughout the whole process. Thank you for all the support and encouragement!
Kennedi Brooks, St. Andrew's School, DE
I would probably be attending my average local high school right now instead of one of the best and most prestigious high schools in the country if Mr. Stucker had not introduced me to the possibilities and opportunities that boarding school has to offer. Using his experience with high school applications and connections with schools, Mr. Stucker guided me and my family through the admission process. By setting up interviews and forwarding our applications to schools on our behalf, he definitely made the process more enjoyable rather than stressful. All I can say is that Mr. Stucker was a significant man in our lives, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without him.
Adedamola Adeyemi, Choate Rosemary Hall, CT

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Into the year, I figured I’d just go to the local public high school that everyone goes to, but Mr. Stucker changed that when he brought in these boarding schools that wanted to talk to me. I didn’t even know what a boarding school was, to be honest, but I agreed. Thanks to him, I’m now at one of the best boarding schools in the country, learning to be challenged and adapt to all kinds of new, weird situations.
Mahogany Johnson, Phillips Exeter Academy, NH
When I first looked into the boarding school process, I had no clue of how to navigate it successfully. Under Mark Stucker’s guidance, I was able to effectively establish myself as a solid candidate for schools. I’m grateful for him helping me, from putting an SSAT tutor within reach and introducing me to the boarding school I would later attend. Thank you for your invaluable assistance.
Joshua Shields, Cate School, CA
Mark Stucker’s decision to send me to Westtown has changed my life. I’ve discovered so many new passions and interests, all while receiving an amazing education I couldn’t have dreamed of having in my hometown. Without his help, I would have never discovered the community that I’m living in now.
Jessica Scott, Westtown, PA
Mark Stucker provided me with a plethora of information throughout the boarding school process. He helped me pick out schools that suited my interests and necessities, along with schools he knew could meet my financial requirements. Mr. Stucker helped me through the application process by answering all of the questions I had and giving me research and resources to learn for myself. He helped me make the most important decision in my life so far and it has been a wonderful experience.
Kennedy Petties, St. Mark’s, MA
Mr. Stucker is a great help to education, and is genuinely interested in the wellbeing of all his students. He was a large factor in my process of going to boarding school, and it probably wouldn’t have been a thought without him.
Alexia Baker, Deerfield Academy, MA
Mark Stucker was able to provide me with the advice that I needed and wanted during one of the most important decisions that I have made in my life so far. He really took into consideration my personal needs as well as my family’s needs and helped me make what I know to be the correct decision in choosing a high school for me.
Zuley Alvarez, Westtown School, PA
The next journey of my educational career will be St. Mary’s School (Raleigh, NC) for high school. Without the help of Mr. Stucker, I wouldn’t of known of St. Mary’s School, better yet, I wouldn’t have any clue as to what boarding school is! Mr. Stucker has guided me down this path that he makes so simple. He has helped me prepare for the SSAT, school visits, acceptances, interviews, gave me practical advice and so much more. Now that Mr. Stucker has guided me through this process, I plan to be as successful as I am capable of being. Just wait, and in eight years, I will have proof of the magnitude in which Mr. Stucker has benefited me!
Nzali Scales, St. Mary's School, NC
I never knew about the opportunities and goals I could achieve. Mr. Stucker truly opened me up to a world of possibilities for the success of my future. Now I am at a school most kids could never dream of attending.
Channler Twyman, Woodberry Forest School, VA
Mr. Stucker was a helpful and honest guide who put me in the best school for me. He also gave updates and advice to handle interviews in situations that I never thought about. Now I am sure that I am in the right place.
Randle Ervwin, Governors Academy, MA
Mr. Stucker listened to me about what I wanted in a high school and he gave me a list of schools that he thought would be good for me. When I asked him about the schools on the list, he told me what I would have to do to get into those schools. It is because of Mr. Stucker’s guidance that I am at Darlington School right now.
Kierra Brown, Darlington School, GA
Through Mr. Stucker’s consultation I was able to choose the school that would have the greatest impact on my academic career. He guided me through what could have been an overwhelming process that became a successful outcome for my family. I am thankful for his guidance in SSAT preparation, building my list of schools, and the school application process. I am attending Woodberry Forrest School in Virginia and have more opportunities to be successful in life than I could have ever imagined!
Christopher Jalen Madden, Woodberry Forrest School, VA