His help from beginning to end, from providing the initial list of recommended schools to encouraging tutoring to increase her math score on the SSAT, to his guidance during the interview, visitation and financial aid processes, was invaluable.

Cynthia Mitchell, Atlanta, GA

Boarding School Admission Packages

For families seeking coaching for boarding school admission, the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages for Boarding School Admission are very similar to the college admission packages of the same name, but also include any additional services listed further below:

The Bronze Package

  • See services, fees, and payment schedules for the Bronze Package for College Admission

The Silver Package

  • See services, fees, and payment schedules for the Silver Package for College Admission

The Gold Package

  • See services, fees, and payment schedules for the Gold Package for College Admission, PLUS the services listed below
  • Interviews set up with key contacts at each recommended boarding school
  • Virtually all boarding schools have an evaluative interview process, and in most instances, they also interview the guardians/parent(s). The Boarding Gold school package includes a practice student interview.
  • Practice parent interview
    • A letter of recommendation is provided to the recommended boarding school(s) to which your child applies.
    • This letter accurately depicts your child’s strengths and areas for growth. It advocates for your child and includes specifics about his/her strengths and what he/she will bring to the school to which he/she is applying. This is only sent to boarding schools that welcome this correspondence.
    • A call is made to each boarding school admissions office (when schools welcome this) to let them know about your child.
  • Some boarding schools are not receptive to such calls and letters. For those schools, the approach is modified.
    • If a student applies for aid, the financial aid package will be discussed with the appropriate school contact if/when such action is in the best interest of the student and guardians/parent(s).
  • This is not advisable for all boarding schools.
    • Assist families in developing the best test score study plan. Guidance provided as to which SSAT instructor is the best match for a student.
    • Review the results of the student’s SSAT, and we will assist the student and the guardians/parent(s) in interpreting the test scores.