• Recently, a prospective client said to me, why are you charging less than half of the other college coach I am considering who is asking for over $7000. Last year, a client said to me, I want to refer you to a lot of people I know in New York city but you have to raise your prices or people are not going to think you are any good. Finally, one of my own test prep partners has encouraged me to increase my prices so people will think that I am good at what I do.
  • I am aware of the fact that the average college coach charges $200/hour and the average yearly fee is $4600. These college coaches usually have much less experience than I have. It is easy for a family to justify this expense because it is not hard at all for us to save families, thousands, and even tens of thousands by providing scholarship coaching. This saved money has to be multiplied by four for all four years. The question that should be asked is, why are you charging so much less than others? The reason is simple, I don’t want to only help people from one income bracket. I love helping families of all incomes, including several from modest incomes who are able to utilize my services with a payment plan. I am extremely passionate about what colleges refer to as “DEI” or Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Every week I produce a college admissions podcast (see yourcollegeboundkid.com) to help people for free. I wrote the book, “171 Answers” to help people who need this information but can’t afford to hire any college coach.. My clients are almost equally divided between White, Black, Asian and Latinx. They come from every region in the country. I am currently working with students in 18 states. They work on dairy farms and they are CEO’s. There are some that make under $60,000 and there are some that make over a million dollars, with the majority being in between. While I need money to pay for my considerable bills, I don’t do this for the money. I do this to help people. I LOVE what I do and I love the variety of who I can serve. I am fortunate in that I still have a salary which gives me another revenue source. I am a Director of College Counseling for KIPP, an access organization that is committed to leveling the playing field and giving opportunity to everyone. The fact that I have another revenue source provides a base of income and it allows me to pass that savings on to you. Am I probably losing business because someone thinks that if I was any good I would charge at least the national average for my services? I probably am but if someone doesn’t relate to the fact that I love helping people from a variety of incomes, and I do not want cost to be a barrier for people being able to using my college coaching services than they probably are not a good match for my philosophy and for my value set. I also want to acknowledge that I am very sensitive to all of the expenses that families have with the college process. Below are just 10 of the expenses that you may incur just for college; this is in addition to all of your other numerous bills:
    1. SAT, ACT and SAT Subject testing fees
    2. AP exam fees or IB exam fees
    3. Test prep fees
    4. Academic tutoring fees for a subject you may need extra help with.
    5. College application fees
    6. CSS PROFILE fees
    7. Travel fees to visit colleges, including airfare, lodging, car rental/Uber and meals
    8. AAU sports fees
    9. Visual and performing arts fees
    10. Private school tuition
  • The point is, I do NOT believe that quality college coaching should cost you another mortgage, especially when you already are incurring so many other fees. If you have additional questions about my pricing philosophy, I certainly welcome a conversation where I can answer your specific questions.